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Liam the Loon is a kickstarter backed project funded in only 3 days!

  • 8”x10” hardcover.

  • Rhyming and nature sounds.

  • Ages 3-8. Only 700 words.

  • Colorful hand-painted watercolors.

  • Includes animal facts.

  • Popular character names: Liam, Emma, Todd, and Miles.

About Liam the Loon

larry cover cover 400x360.png

On the surface, Liam the Loon is a light-hearted rhyming story about lovable forest critters becoming friends and making music. Liam the Loon is also an educational story about individuality, creativity, and overcoming life’s obstacles. The small cast of animals – a loon, beaver, bullfrog, and owl - and the quiet pond setting draw the reader into nature and away from the screens that consume us.


Liam the Loon helps kids engage with the outdoors. The story and subject matter provide a timely opportunity to educate children about nature and the importance of preservation. It also helps children tackle feeling different or alone by embracing and loving themselves just as they are. Liam felt alone with his unique loon "toot" until he realizes it actually helped him and that being unique makes him special. Finally, I chose to incorporate sounds and a rhyme scheme into the story to make it more interactive, educate about the sounds of nature, and help children explore music in a fun way. 

About the Author

I grew up in a small town in Midcoast Maine where family vacations were spent deep in the woods looking for wildlife. When I wasn’t out looking for animals, you’d find me contently drawing at the kitchen table. 


Liam the Loon represents a newfound connection with my artistic roots and the blending of a longstanding passion for wildlife, environmental conservation, and education.

Personal Mission

I wrote Liam the Loon because I wanted to do something special for my family and challenge myself to take risks. It includes life lessons that are important to me. Such as:

  • Be kind.

  • It’s okay to feel different.

  • Keep trying, don't give up.

  • Everybody can make music, even animals.

  • Wildlife conservation is important.

  • Be creative – write, paint, draw, build, and explore! 


My wife and I after a day of hiking in Wyoming.

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