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Liam the Loon

A light-hearted rhyming story about individuality, self-acceptance, and embracing friendships with others that might not look or sounds like you. 

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Written and Illustrated by:

ryan sig.png

Ryan Holbrook

  • 8”x10” hardcover.

  • Ages 3-8. 

  • Only 700 words.

  • Rhyming with nature sounds.

  • Colorful hand-painted watercolors.

  • Animal facts!

  • Character names: Liam, Emma, Todd, and Miles.

"The book is great, well-written and beautifully illustrated. I can see it having wide appeal."

Wes T. 


"What a wonderfully delightful book."

Amy K.

"Ryan is very talented. Liam the Loon is Awesome!"​

Tracy H.

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